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Welcome to Email Database Inc., we are a leading source for email lists including: the highest quality data, the best pricing & the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Email Database Inc., offers clients access to the most extensive and most accurate databases of business and consumer information. We are the only company to own a proprietary database that includes in-depth details on virtually every consumer and business in the USA & Europe. More than 200 researchers are dedicated to building, verifying and updating our data to ensure it is the freshest, most accurate and most comprehensive in the industry.

Email Database Inc., is a leading source for email lists including: Opt-in email list, business email list, email lists for sale, consumer mailing lists, real estate agent list, sales leads & email marketing software. You can build a custom list, or, depending upon your advertising requirements, target a particular city, state, or the entire US. All our lists can be downloaded instantly in Microsoft Excel with easy search, sort, and unlimited export & printing features. In case any further assistance is needed, please write us : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

With quality sales lead data, Email Database Inc., can help find the best prospects possible for small to midlevel business owners and independent sales agents, helping them become more effective and more productive for their business.

Our freshest, most accurate data Databases include:
  • 13.5 Million U.S. & Canadian Businesses
  • 14 Million Executives & Professionals
  • 3.7 Million New Businesses
  • 780,000 Manufacturers
  • 221,000 Big Businesses
  • 5.9 Million Small-Business Owners
  • 190 Million Consumers
  • 81 Million Homeowners
  • 17.5 Million New Movers Per Year
  • 4.2 Million News Homeowners Per Year
  • 14 Million Bankruptcy Filers
To improve marketing results, you need actionable and measurable business intelligence. Email Database Inc, delivers the marketing database solutions you need to mine your data for valuable customer insights, manage integrated multichannel campaigns, track response and analyze results.  By identifying hidden opportunities in your marketing database, you’ll be able to make fast, data-driven decisions that engage prospects and increase sales, response rates, retention and profits.

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